What we're all about

Advocates for Elders looks to help those who are struggling with navigating the complex geriatric care system with its many short and long-term care options.

You may be a spouse, adult child, or even a grandchild who is facing new obstacles in the care for your loved one.  Many caregivers struggle in knowing what questions to ask, what resources are out there, and how to effectively communicate their concerns with doctor offices or care facilities.  In addition, many caregivers struggle with balancing the significant time and emotional toll it takes to advocate for their loved one while also facing demands from work, family, or their own health needs.

Advocates for Elders is here to take the stress of navigating the maze of senior care options for you.  This way, you can ensure your loved one is receiving the exceptional care they deserve, while reducing your daily stress and making the time you spend with them more valuable.